The issue at hand

In India Nearly 81% of Workforce Working in Informal Sector!

No Identity , No Security & Support, No Education & Knowledge


Every labourer should become a smart labourer

PANAH was registered as a Public Charitable Trust in 2015. It started the Integrated Community Development Program, an approach that seeks to turn slums into vibrant and dynamic neighbourhoods. PANAH work for the multiple needs of the poor at once by providing them with integrated service centres through which slum residents have access to myriad basic amenities. We invest in the human capacity of persons to manage our programs in their communities. Communities co-invest with us and our donors for the programs by collaborating and implementing them. We engage institutions, corporations and individuals throughout the world as partners and supporters of integrated development in Ahmadabad. 

Panah has more than 1,100 registered members with 27 Team Leaders. We aim at modernizing the works and practices of our beneficiaries by introducing  “Smart Labour “ in the community via effective training and education.



We aim at modernizing the works and practices of our beneficiaries by introducing “Smart Labour “ in the community via effective training and education.

We have helped migrant labourers, unemployed skilled and semi-skilled workers by helping them obtain identity cards, job cards, personal bank accounts, pan cards et al. Our organization provides the beneficiaries with direct
access to several State and Central Government schemes which has effectively made Panah Foundation has a bridge between migrant labourers, the urban poor and the Government. Panah works with slum residents, migrants, children, women, youth and vulnerable people in urban and rural areas. In recent months, Panah has expanded into Ahmedabad, in different areas and has affected more than 150 people individuals.


KOUSAL - A Skill Development Training Program

  • We train and provide cerificate to labourers
  • Consulting for labor services
  • Financial consulting for labor




  • We link and enroll children of migrant labour in government
  • We provide friendly space after schooling hours to children
    with our volunteers.
  • Youth counselling service
  •  Career and job search service


Common Service Center (Panah Nagrik Sewa Kendra)

  • Government to Citizen (G2C) seva
  • Business to Consumer (B2C) seva
  • Legal assistance to women
  • Information center