Digital Literacy

As it’s name stands for, this project was aimed to provide computer education to the children of the community. Supported by Cubage Asha Foundation, this project was a difficult task as the community was not educated and didn’t understand the importance of digitalising themselves. The children had been working from a very young age as laborers and their parents showed no intent in sending them to classes. Our team had to reach out to each house and counsel parents to allow their children to join classes. With the children having a lot of distractions and lack of support from the community it was becoming almost impossible to initiate the project any further. But the determination of the team for this project benefited us a lot with our team making learning as fun as possible for the children to gain their interest.

Project Method :

•​ Children from the 8th grade onwards were admitted to the program and all the students had a fun time learning and benefiting from the program.
•​ The project was conducted in the afternoon as it was the only time when students get back to their regular life after completing their labor work following which the digital literacy program lasted till 7 Pm.
•​ The digital literacy project was carried out per student for one month. A certificate for the same was also given.
​Theory and practical both parts were covered in 1 month. We worked in 4 batches every day and 10 students per batch were taken.
•​Mediums like audios and videos. They were also given tutorials on how to make such videos. The students were very excited and eager to learn and were taught through various
•​ Regular practicals and tests were held to make sure the learning process was properly carried out.

Adult Literacy Program :

In the light of the current working situations of our country , Adult Literacy is of utmost important. This is one of our most important and impactful project. The project commenced with providing basic reading and writing education to our sisters. Making them able to read articles, advertisement and other stuffs so that they become aware about the things from which they can get benefited from.

Initially it was very difficult as communicating with people and making them understand the need of basic education was a heavy task to do. At first women were scared and didn’t see the benefits of basic reading and writing as the concept of labor was embedded in their mind since childhood. We explained to them how basic education can help them in getting better jobs , saving money and applying for government benefits which are entitled for them. Our consistent efforts and explanation followed by home visits made ​100​ women enrolled in this program for the very first time.

We partnered with “ GUJARAT VIDYAPITH” for the curriculum. We taught them gujarati alphabets first and then taught them to sign and write their name.

In the beginning, women were still not confident of learning and this posed a lot of difficulties. But continuous effort and proper communication with them formed good relations with them and eventually led to learning . Now these women could do basic reading and writing but still face difficulties sometimes. We are determined to work on this project because it helps woman a lot in their life so that they can educate their upcoming generation, knowing it’s importance.

"You educate a man ; you educate a man. You educate a woman ; you educate a generation."
Brigham young