With very few cases being reported in India at the initial stage , but slowly the transmission gathered momentum which resulted into the govt. in accordance with our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi declaring lockdown for the very first time on 23rd of March 2020. Following its severity it was declared as a pandemic by WHO which  itself defines how serious this disease is !

It was the very first time that people of a country are facing a situation like this , since it’s “Lockdown” there were no ways of transport active & all economic activities were shut which resulted in leaving the majority of people living in Ahmedabad as migrant workers and daily wagers in serious discomfort. Within a short span these people found themselves out of ration & workless as well. Neither they could get back to their home either they can live like this.

Our team evaluated the situation and came up with an initiative to ensure that the essentials reach to the needful in these vulnerable communities. Under this initiative we successfully reached out to more than 1400 beneficiaries residing in Naroda ,Kuber, Nagar, Hansol,Thakkarbapa Nagar,Krishna Nagar, Rakhiyal,Chandola Lake, Jamalpur and Juhapura communities of Ahmedabad.